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There IS hope beyond addiction...

Our Mission

The mission of Backpacks from Beth, Inc. is simple: to spread hope into the darkness of addiction and to show love to as many people as possible who are in recovery from addiction. Our goal is to encourage as many people as we can to stay the course of recovery so that they may experience freedom & LIFE!

How is this done?

We do this by filling and donating as many backpacks full of toiletries & other items like a bath towel, washcloth, flip flops, a notebook and day planner, pens, highlighters, and a hand-written note of encouragement every month. We believe that EVERYONE has the potential to turn their life around, no matter their past, and we want to spread HOPE!

Who was beth? 
Beth was an incredible woman, my mother, who passed away from cancer February 2, 2013--too soon to see the chains of addiction broken for her son (my brother), Michael, that she prayed over for SO many years. Beth was the only person, who even in the darkest of moments, never lost hope that Michael would change his life around and have FREEDOM from addiction. She was known for saying "'so long as one has breath, there is hope". Michael has now been sober since March 12, 2014; it is because of our mother's never-ceasing hope & in celebration of Michael's recovery that Backpacks from Beth, Inc. exists! 


  That's Amazing!

Since August 2015, THOUSANDS of filled backpacks have been donated to The Healing Place Louisville men's campus, The Healing Place Campbellsville campus, St. Jude Women's Recovery Center (sadly now closed), and Oxford House in Louisville, KY. Backpacks are delivered to the individual facilities; Staff at each campus then distributes the backpacks to clients on an as needed  basis. With your help, we can continue to add more partner facilities & be able to touch even more lives!

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